GEVI is a high-efficiency vertical wind turbine

based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blade pitch control.

Enviromental Impact

In [1] a conservative LCA study of a 1 kW vertical axis wind turbine has been carried out, which has evaluated the impact of turbine components in terms of CO2eq taking into account for material acquisition, transportation, manufacturing, maintenance and end of life treatments impact. The result estimates a total of 2846 kg of CO2eq emitted during all the turbine lifetime. This result could be taken as a reference also for our turbine since the material and size are very much comparable. The installation of 1 kW

GEVI's turbines on a 5.5 m/s average wind speed location, will guarantee 2700 kWh per Year. This amount of energy is equivalent to 1900 kg of CO2eq saved per year [2], giving thus a CO2eq payback time of 18 months. A diesel generator instead, produces CO2 during its whole life, even neglecting the production, transportation, and maintenance the CO2eq produced amounts to 1000 kg per year, for the same amount of energy produced with one 1 kW GEVI's turbine. The environmental impact of the turbine is extremely positive during its operating life, working for more than 20 years. In this timeframe, the diesel generator produces more than 20 Tons of CO2eq, while the wind turbine saves 35.1 Tons of CO2eq.

[1], LCA for vertical micro wind turbine
[2] EPA: Environmental Protection Agency


Technical Specifications

Rotor height
Rotor diameter
Total mass
Operational life
1.8 m
2.5 m
55 kg
20 years
Cut-in speed
Cut-off speed
Rated speed
Rated power
Noise level
Safety brake at cutoff

3 m/s
20 m/s
10 m/s
1000 W
< 45 dB
Automatic aerodynamic stall, 
mechanical brake